Kate Groetzinger

The Dish: Q-and-A with James Mark, Owner of North

The popular West Side restaurant will start raising prices in response to the cost of sourcing more food locally and providing fair wages for employees.

James Mark made waves recently when he posted a message on his restaurant’s website announcing that he is going to start raising prices to reflect the real cost of making and serving his food. This comes after years of undercharging at north, Mark says, and he wants everyone to understand why. Is it possible to run a restaurant sustainably while…

Soil Sisters Are Digging In At Sidewalk Ends Farm

Four young friends are making a living off the land.

Down a driveway lined with wild, winding weeds, past a dark, wet pile of mulch and a few thin rows prepared for planting, past a low-set farmhouse on the left and a long, sagging shed on the right, crest a knoll, squeeze through a gap between rusty fences and arrive at a breathtaking view. Below, a field bordered on the…