Karen Deutsch

Dining Review: A Trio of Rhode Island Oyster Bars

Head to these spots for buck-a-shuck and slurp away.

Photography by Angel Tucker Bristol Oyster Bar 448 Hope St., Bristol, 396-5820, bristoloysterbar.com Scene: Gallery opening in which you get to sit down (if you can find a seat). Buck-a-Shuck Hours: Monday thru Saturday from 4-6 p.m. and all day Sundays Signature Drink: Cucumber Lemon Drop. Critics be damned. Unexpected but Obligatory: Cornmeal fried oysters with honey Buffalo sauce and…


Everything about this new Warren eatery is welcoming.

54 State St., Warren, 694-0727, bywaterrestaurant.com. Open for dinner Monday-Saturday, late night Friday-Saturday. Reservations accepted. Wheelchair accessibility is a challenge in the seashell parking lot. Cuisine Contemporary American with a dash of Southern charm. Capacity Thirty-two. vibe Nautical minimalism. Prices Appetizers: $3-$15; entrees: $18–$28; dessert: $3-$7. Karen’s picks Pickled shrimp, beef tartare, seasonal salads, ricotta gnocchi, ice cream and cookies….

Ogie's Trailer Park

Cool cocktails and decadent comfort food at this Providence hotspot.

Clockwise from left: Southern Rhody fried chicken sandwich with Dorito-fried chicken breast, slab bacon, house mayonnaise, cheese, marinated tomato and sweet red onion gastrique. Mac and cheese croquettes with onion cream dip. The grilled PB and J.   1155 Westminster St., Providence, 383-8200, facebook.com/ogiestrailerpark. Open daily for dinner, weekends for lunch (seasonal). Late night every night. Wheelchair accessible, but not…

The Shanty

The Warwick eatery has a friendly, retro vibe.

3854 Post Rd., Warwick, 884-7008, theshantyri.com. Open daily for dinner, Sat.–Sun. for brunch. Reservations accepted. Wheelchair accessibility is challenging. Lot parking. Cuisine America: A retrospective from the last fifty years. Capacity Seventy-two, with bar seating. Vibe A hearthside drinking game. Prices Appetizers $1–$12; entrees $12–$25; dessert: $7–$8. Karen’s picks Brats, fish and chips, TV dinner, burgers, bread pudding. Key Key  Fair  Good  Very…

Red Fin Crudo and Kitchen

Local ingredients plus friendly service equal a spicy debut for this Downcity tapas bar.

71 Washington St., Providence, 454-1335, redfincrudo.com. Open Tues.–Sat. for dinner, Thurs.–Sat. for lunch, Sun. for brunch. Reservations accepted. Wheelchair accessible. Street parking. Cuisine A New Englander walking the Camino. Capacity Seventy with additional outdoor seating. Vibe Industrial cottage. Prices Appetizers $9–$32 (for a four-year-old Iberico ham); entrees $9–$26; dessert $7–$10. Karen’s picks Tapas, octopus, roasted carrots, duck confit mofongo, house-made…

Clean Plate

Cheerful, casual and ever so satisfying, the menu at Clean Plate equals indulgent pleasure.

345 South Water St., Providence, 621-8888, cleanplateri.com. Open for lunch Tues.–Fri.; dinner Tues.–Sat.; brunch Sat.–Sun. Reservations accepted. Wheelchair accessibility is difficult through the front door. Some lot and street parking. Cuisine Breakfast and snack foods on steroids. Capacity Seventy with bar seating. Vibe An indoor picnic with booze. Prices Breakfast $5–$12; appetizers $6–$11; entrees $7.50–$14; dessert $7. Karen’s picks Breakfast…


The mood at this Newport favorite may be relaxed Mexican summer, but the menu is surprisingly adventurous, and successful.

11 Bowen’s Wharf, Newport, 619-2640, diegosnewport.com. Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, brunch Saturday and Sunday. Reservations accepted. Wheelchair accessible but not easy. Some street and lot parking. Cuisine Modern Mexican. Capacity Forty-nine with bar seating, doubles in summer. Vibe After hours all the time. Prices Appetizers $5–$17; entrees $13.50–$33; dessert $5–$6. Karen’s picks Duck empanadas, pulled…


The menu at this chef-owned Bristol restaurant is a satisfying combination of big flavors and bold dishes.

Beef short rib ragu with rigatoni, oyster mushrooms and parmigiana. 382 Thames St., Bristol, 396-9811, christiansri.com. Open for dinner seven days a week. Reservations accepted. Wheelchair accessible. Some lot and street parking. Cuisine A cow and a pig walked into a bar…. Capacity Fifty including the bar. Vibe Like your wife made you put on a tie but allowed you…

Garde de la Mer

At this new downtown bistro, the sleek, eye-catching interior is matched by its equally successful menu.

86 Dorrance St., Providence, 632-4799, gardedelamer.com. Open for dinner seven nights a week. Reservations recommended. Wheelchair accessible. Valet and street parking. Cuisine Modern American with a French backbone. Capacity About ninety, including bar seating. Vibe Seriously polished without losing its edge. Like David Beckham in suit. Prices Appetizers $8–$19; entrees $25–$38; dessert $10. Karen’s picks Lamb sirloin, tuna tartare, foie…


Wine bar serves up Andalusian flair without pretension.

Diego Luis Perez mans the bar. 186 Union St., Providence, 432-6656. Wheelchair accessibility is doubtful; most tables are high. Street parking. Capacity Just more than forty split between the bar proper and the dining room (which is also the kitchen). Vibe Spanish bar in the heart of the Andalusian countryside — so remote that they refuse to give you a…