Karen Deutsch

La Masseria

Our state’s got no shortage of red sauce restaurants. But can the newest, La Masseria, bank on its New York roots to make a mark in East Greenwich?

La Masseria  223 Main Street, East Greenwich, 398-0693, masseriari.com. Lunch and dinner Tuesday–Sunday. Reservations recommended. Wheelchair accessible. Valet parking. Cuisine Urban interpretation of rustic Italian. Capacity More than a hundred. Vibe City folk on a farmhouse vacation without the awkward tourist attire. Prices Appetizers $6.50–$16.50 
(the burrata, at $26.50, serves at least two and probably ten); entrees $12.50–$32.50. Karen’s picks…

Best Places for Breakfast

It’s that sweet spot of the day when happiness smells like warm maple syrup and sounds like bubbling bacon on the griddle. Where is this wedge of heaven? 
On the counters of decades-old diners and modern meccas of breakfast around the state — more than fifty of them. Find out where your best meal of the day is.

 Old SchoolThe Updated ApproachBreakfast, Thy Name Is GluttonySingular SensationsVegetarian VenturesCoffee Houses  Old SchoolLouis Family Restaurant286 Brook St., Providence, 861-5225, louisrestaurant.orgRespected as much for its lineage (dad Louis Gianfrancesco left it to his six kids) as for its real estate (try and find any nearby building not owned by Brown), Louis is open for breakfast and dinner (during breakfast hours) every day….

Enn Japanese Restaurant

A new sushi (plus) spot in Lincoln brings authentic Japanese, with a modern makeover, to the ’burbs.

Enn Japanese Restaurant  600 George Washington Highway, Lincoln, 333-0366, ennri.com. Open for lunch and dinner Sunday–Friday, dinner on Saturday. Reservations accepted. Wheelchair accessible. Parking lot. Cuisine Classic Japanese with a few American adaptations. Capacity One hundred. Vibe If you’re looking in at the sushi bar, harmonious; if you’re looking out at the Toyota dealership, incongruous. Prices Tuna tostados, tuna tartar…

Bar Americain

It’s always a gamble to fill seats in a down economy, but Bobby Flay’s betting big on his reputation and ability to appeal to the masses at Mohegan Sun.

Bar Americain  One Mohegan Sun Boulevard, Uncasville, Conn., 860-862-8000, baramericain.com. Open for dinner every night. Reservations recommended. Wheelchair accessible. Valet parking. Cuisine American South, from Florida to New Mexico. Capacity 275 Vibe The casino curse: somewhere between exclusive and commercial. Prices Appetizers $11–$25, entrees $24–$39. Wines are affordable (most fall between $35 and $50), but beware the cost of cocktails….

Tradition with a Twist

If there was a seasonal culinary oasis, it’s Thanksgiving. Bare trees, Northeasterly winds — even a sixty-day boat ride tinged with scurvy — all lose some of their severity when the gravy hits the grub. It’s also a holiday with a menu that has changed only slightly over four hundred years. We’ve stayed close to the tried and true with just enough variation to let you wander off tradition’s path. After all, nothing says thanks like a mouthful of stuffing.

TimelineTurkey (see below)The SidesThe RestThe Turkey The size may vary, but the end goal remains the same: avoiding a dry turkey. Unless you have no way of keeping a submerged turkey cold, there’s no reason not to brine your bird. Sodium helps the meat retain its moisture while sugar and herbs infuse the turkey with great flavor. Brine Plan on…

Cheap Eats!

Where can you snag an entire meal for less than you’d tip a valet? This question in mind, we scoured the state in search of the best frugal foodie finds. From macaroni to maki, burgers to burritos (and everything in between), here are 58 raved-about spots and little-known haunts where you can feed your face without forking over more than ten bucks. Dig in.

» Four Squares » Budget Burgers » Ethnic Eats » Chef’s Choice » Frugal Gourmet » Meal Plan: 5 Under $5 » Cheap Feats » The 6 Rhody Food GroupsTell us your picks for cheap eats!

Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner

When it comes to cooking steak at home, you’ve got three options: grill, broil or saute. (Roasting works best for larger cuts such as whole tenderloin.) To prep, let the meat rest at room temperature for about thirty minutes so that it will cook evenly. Trim fat to an eighth-inch to seal in juices and allow optimal flavor. Brush with…

Beef Does a Body Good?

Unable to polish off a sixteen-pound steak, Homer Simpson yells, “What’s happening to me? There’s still food, and I don’t want to eat it! I’ve become everything I’ve ever hated!” Ah, the American diet. So how much beef is too much beef? Check it out. We’ve adjusted the government’s three-ounce serving size. (Sissies.) 9-ounce filet mignon540 calories, 26 grams fat,…

Grass vs. Grain

There are a number of arguments for both grass- and corn-fed cattle. Proponents of grazing cattle usually cite health issues: grass-fed has less fat but more omega-3 fatty acids, which help in the fight against heart disease and cancers. They also have higher levels of vitamins E, A and beta carotene. On the flip side, because there is less fat,…