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10 Summer Activities for $10 or Less

Having fun doesn't have to break the bank.

Watch a Ball Game Courtesy of the Pawtucket Red Sox’s Facebook Beginning in spring and ending in fall, America’s favorite pastime also happens to line up with our favorite season. While away a summer night at McCoy Stadium watching Rhode Island’s only AAA team bat it out. Bottom Line: General admission tickets are $9 for adults and $6 for children and…

6 Activities for a Rainy Day

Check out these spots to make the most of dreary weather.

When the sky clouds over and the rain begins to fall, most of us retreat into our homes and wait for the bad weather to pass. But the time has come to fight back against the tyrannical rain. There’s always something to do, no matter the weather. R1 Indoor Karting Courtesy of RI Indoor Karting’s Facebook Sometimes you need an…

5 Best Camping Spots

Pitch a tent and enjoy the great outdoors.

Burlingame State Park and Campground Courtesy of RI State Park’s Facebook Burlingame is one of the state’s most popular campgrounds for a reason. With more than 3,000 acres of woodlands and access to Watchaug Pond, it offers plenty of activities to campers and visitors alike. The pond has a number of boat launches for canoes and kayaks, as well as…

Top Dentists: Late Bloomers

Three top dentists came to the profession in mid-career and never looked back.

“I ended up reflecting on who I was as a person,” says Lisa Hilp. “I wanted something that would make me feel good at the end of the day.”

Six Best Spots for Kayaking

Explore the state's rivers, ponds and shores.

As the Ocean State, Rhode Island might be renowned for its beaches, but it has a lot more to offer than just swimming and sunbathing. With hundreds of miles of waterways, ponds galore and placid bays, it’s a kayaker’s dream come true. Whether you’re completely new to paddling or an old pro, there’s something for all levels of experience. Wood River Courtesy of the…

6 Places to See Fireworks

Celebrate the Fourth of July across the state.

The Fourth of July has become synonymous with many things: backyard BBQs, family gatherings and parades. But nothing is quite as iconic as the bombastic fireworks show. Check out these locations to watch some near you: McCoy Stadium Courtesy of McCoy Stadium’s Facebook Is there any better way to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day than by watching America’s favorite pastime? Head over…

A Day in Pawtuxet Village

Enjoy a sunny day in this waterfront community.

Every year thousands of Rhode Islanders flock to the Gaspee Days Parade in Pawtuxet Village, but few stay long enough to experience everything the little seaside community has to offer. Although this year’s festivities came and went, there’s still plenty to do in the picturesque neighborhood. Straddling both Warwick and Cranston, Pawtuxet Village offers a convenient location as well as charming shops and…

Your Picks: 5 Places to Get Chicken Wings

The people have spoken! Here are our readers' favorite places for wings.

What makes a good wing? Is it perfectly fried, crispy skin? Oodles of sauce with a helluvalotta flavor? Or is it that mysterious something that blends texture, flavor and tantalizing scent into one harmonious package. It appears some local eateries have unlocked the wing’s many secrets; they’ve upgraded the humble foodstuff from a halftime snack into a full-blown art form. We asked…