Jamie Coelho

Taters for Charity

The Trudeau Center’s baked potato carts employ workers with disabilities in Rhode island.

Rhode Island is home to Mr. Potato Head, and now it boasts its own baked potato cart, too. Managed by the Trudeau Center in Warwick, Providence Potato Company serves up creative riffs on the baked potato using local produce and ingredients when possible, while providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities. Gayle Reid, program coordinator for the Worksite Partners Program…

'Gansett's Tall Boy is Missing

The iconic mascot costume was stolen last weekend in Providence, and the brewery is asking your help in bringing him home.

This Halloween, look out for anyone rocking a Narragansett Tall Boy costume. It may be stolen goods. The $3,000 custom-made costume was swiped last Saturday at Narragansett brewery's Neighbor Day block party held outside The Avery in Providence's Luongo Square. The block party was huge success with visitors from all over coming to Providence for a day of beer and…