Grace Kelly

Wild, Wild West Greenwich

This wooded rural town is a study in peace and quiet.

Photography by Chris Vaccaro.I run. My arms pump and my breath puffs in front of me before it’s torn back by my forward momentum. I pass our family friend’s house, then the house with five Weimaraners and continue towards Fry Pond on the appropriately named Fry Pond Road. As I near it, the sun dapples through the trees and the…

Give it a Hurl

The Providence Hurling Club brings the Irish sport to Rhode Island

The Providence Hurling Club brings the Irish sport to Rhode Island.

Free Ice Cream

Like No Udder is serving up 700 free ice cream cones next Tuesday

Grab a cone of some delicious vegan ice cream, made even sweeter because it’s free.

Rhode Island Native Shines in 42nd Street

Gerianne Genga steps into the role of Maggie Jones in the classic musical, 42nd Street.

The play tells the tale of the young, aspiring tap dancer Peggy Sawyer who leaves small-town Pennsylvania to try and make her mark on Broadway.

Beer Lover’s Guide: Brew Bus Tours

Stouts, porters and pretzels aboard the RI Brew Bus.

It’s pouring. I park on the far side of Wilcox Park in Westerly and make a mad dash for the Malted Barley, cursing both my decision to wear heels and to park what feels like miles away. “Look for the brew bus,” I think frantically as I huddle under a doorway outside the Malted Barley. Inside looks so cozy and…

The Dish: Borealis Coffee Brews Up Coffee Culture

Alaska-native Brian Dwiggins roasts beans inside a friendly neighborhood cafe in Riverside.

Brian Dwiggins moves behind the coffee counter. He is tall, dons a gray beanie and a salt-and-pepper beard, and a tattoo snakes its way down his right arm. Dwiggins is the owner of Borealis Coffee in Riverside, one of the newest additions to Rhode Island’s burgeoning coffee scene. His journey to roasting, grinding, selling and brewing coffee in Rhode Island…

Steelers Versus Patriots: A Wager

Pittsburgh Magazine and Rhode Island Monthly are betting the odds against each other, and one writer with a past in the Steel City finds it a tough call.

Steelers versus Patriots: For some reason, the idea of yellow and black clashing with red, white and blue pitches seemingly sane people into a furor worthy of Nordic berserkers. For many of us Rhode Islanders, the choice is simple. The New England Patriots aren’t just Boston’s team, so many of us bleed with 'patriotic' fervor, worship the church of Belichick…

Garden City's Past and Present

The sleek Cranston suburb has a gritty history.

When I think of Garden City in Cranston, I don’t think of acres of farmland or a coal mine belching soot into the air. Yet, they are as integral a part of this neighborhood’s identity as Italian food, upscale shopping and freshly lacquered fingernails. To find out more about what I had always thought of as pure suburbia, I drive…