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The Weekly Weigh-In: Broffee is Coming

Plus, what to expect in wellness trends in the New Year, figs will be big in 2018, a celebration of the shortest day of the year and more in health and wellness news.

Image from Meet Broffee: No, it’s not coffee for bros, rather it’s the latest trend in wellness, a blend of coffee and bone broth that gives you the jolt of caffeine you need mixed with a dose of broth, the good ol’ fashioned cure-all for the body and soul. Read more about this trend here. Pantene released violet as…

Read, Drink and be Merry at the Newly Opened Riffraff Bookstore and Bar

The new bookstore and bar serves up good reads and unpretentious libations.

Happy hour + books = dream come true. Image from Riffraff Instagram. Show Caption Hide Caption Riffraff also serves up coffee and tea to cozy up to your book with. Image from Riffraff Instagram. Show Caption Hide Caption The stacks. Image from Riffraff Instagram. Show Caption Hide Caption Tom Roberge and Emma Ramadan. Image from Riffraff Instagram. Show Caption Hide…

How to Survive A Rhode Island Traffic Jam

What to eat, listen to and do while you sit in miles of traffic.

It’s 4:55 p.m. on a Wednesday. I get in my car and sigh. Before I left work, I checked the state of traffic going to my apartment in Riverside, a mere five mile drive that, on a good day, takes ten minutes. Google maps popped up on my screen crisscrossed in maroon veins with an estimated travel time of forty-five…

The Weekly Weigh-In: Are Essential Oils Medicine or Marketing?

Plus, RI sees rise in STDs, URI launches Mental Health First Aid, a bike sale gets you back on two wheels and more in this week in health and wellness.

Essential oils are one of the latest health trends. They are somewhere between a perfume and a potion, providing physical and psychological benefits while keeping you smelling nice. But are they medicine or marketing? This article explores how aromatic oils came to be seen by some as the cure for anxiety in this age. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month….

Adopt-a-Pet: Puerto Rican Pups in Need

For October's adopt-a-pet, we feature Puerto Rican pups at the Potter League in Middletown looking for love.

In lieu of the recent hurricane’s that brought destruction to Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, this month’s Adopt-a-Pet are these island-hoppers flown in to Rhode Island from Puerto Rico.

The Weekly Weigh-In: This Week in Health and Wellness

Things you should know to make your day a little healthier.

It’s pumpkin season, which means you’re getting daily encouragement from Starbucks et. al. to consume as much pumpkin flavored (insert product here) as possible. But what else is this orange gourd good for besides making saccharine lattes? Turns out you can use it on your body as well.