Grace Kelly

The Dish: Seven Stars Bakery's Backdoor Bread Features Ancient Grains

Co-owner and baker Jim Williams offers a selection of organic whole grain breads for sale during the Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market.

Seven Stars Bakery is bringing bread back to its roots, or more accurately, back to those long forgotten whole grains. Owners Lynn and Jim Williams started Seven Stars fourteen years ago, creating a brand and breads that have enchanted many with golden crusts, airy pockets and a variety of flavors and textures. Now they are changing the game again with…

Your Rhode Island-Sourced Thanksgiving

We share some key ingredients and local ideas for your family table, including everything from turkey to the cocktails.

Thanksgiving may set you into a month-long tizzy; the thought of planning a spectacular feast for your entire extended family can be daunting. Whether it’s cousins from California or family from Florida, you want to put your best foot forward, dazzle them with your cooking skills and show them that where you live is, quite obviously, the best state ever….

Five Can't-Miss Events of the Week: Nov. 12–18

West Side Story, seals by the sea, Craftopia! and more.

Rhode Island Philharmonic: West Side Story “Play it cool boy, real cool,” says West Side Story’s Ice, leader of the Jets Gang. The Rhode Island Philharmonic will play it real cool at this concert featuring music from the Broadway hit, West Side Story. Tracy Silverman stars on the electric violin, playing dramatic tunes from the 1960s Romeo and Juliet-inspired production….

Rev Up at Newport's Audrain Auto Museum

Here are five facts about the museum for car lovers.

Newport has a storied history with cars, so it seems appropriate that it is now home to a new automobile museum. Audrain Auto Museum opened last fall with an impressive collection of 175 vehicles. Curator David de Muzio says, “We have steam powered cars from 1899, a 2015 Porsche Supercar and everything in between.” Here are five interesting facts about…

Five Real Life Haunted Places

You could visit a staged haunted house, or you could track down spirits or watch movies inspired by local spots that are downright disturbed.

1. Chestnut Hill Cemetery, grave of Mercy Brown This is perhaps the best known haunted place in Rhode Island. Mercy Brown’s grave is nestled in the Chestnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, flowers and trinkets adorning her well-worn tombstone. When Mercy Brown died in 1892 from tuberculosis, it was nothing abnormal. But as more and more people began to die from…

Luke Wilson and Judy Greer Filming in Rhode Island

Celebrities stop in at Starbucks in North Kingstown in between filming Measure of a Man.

Luke Wilson walks into a Starbucks in South County. He orders a venti iced coffee with a shot of espresso and digs into his wallet for a tip. I stand at the cash register, pretending that the man hiding behind his sunglasses is just another customer, when I really want to ask him to autograph a white Starbucks cup for…

Swarovski's Touchstone Crystal Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry

The Touchstone Crystal collection presents three Pink Pieces in honor of the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative.

Swarovski’s North American headquarters is located in Cranston and its Touchstone Crystal collection presents three Pink Pieces in honor of the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative. When customers purchase one of these stunning accessories, they will have the option to add a $1, $3 or $5 donation to their order. Wear these cute, fun and brilliantly…

The Dish: Rudy's Delicatessen Makes a Comeback

Enjoy stacked sandwiches and classic Jewish specialties like knishes, matzo ball soup and kugel at the third iteration of Rudy's.

William “Billy” Rudacevsky stands outside Rudy’s Delicatessen in Cranston. He is waiting for me to arrive and as soon as I do, a large smile spreads across his face. He ushers me into the restaurant, newly opened in August, its interior decorated with chalkboard menus and a sense of warmth not usually found in a deli. When you think of…

Five Can't-Miss Events of the Week: Oct. 15–21

Halloween film-for-all, seafood fest, wicked in Wickford and more.

Halloween Movie Night Join the Friends of Ballard Park for a night of Halloween-themed activities for all. Dress up the kids in their finest All Hallow’s Eve attire for a fun early parade. If they successfully charm the panel of celebrity judges, they just might win a Movie Night prize. The contest is followed by a public’s choice family movie…

Explore Blackstone Valley on a Riverboat Tour

Learn about the history, ecology and conservation of the Blackstone River.

Explore the Blackstone River.   Every Sunday, Blackstone Valley Explorer Riverboat Tours launches four guided nature trips on one of Rhode Island’s most historic waterways. Tour guide Patti McAlpine narrates with fun facts about the Blackstone River’s ecology, history and conservation efforts. “This was one of the first polluted rivers in the country,” she says, “but then in the ’70s,…