Elizabeth Rau

The Providence Granola Project

They face language barriers, separation from their families and economic chaos as they struggle to build a new life here. But Rhode Island’s refugees enrich us far more than we know.

In a cavernous Stop and Shop, somewhere in Providence, his cell phone rang. It was “teacher.” Teacher got right to the point: Would you like to work tonight? Zaid Wadia didn’t hesitate. He’d been in the United States for two months and needed a job to get going, to make a life, to support his family.   Back in Iraq — before…

Cory Bellucci – Blues Brother

Cory Bellucci is a self-taught musical phenom who thrills his fans with riffs on love, loss and inspiration. Just your typical fourteen-year-old.

Getting Cory Bellucci to talk about himself is not easy. If you ask him how his day went, he might respond with a shrug and, if you’re lucky, a simple “good.” This should not come as much of a surprise. Cory is a teenager, a mere fourteen years old, and like most teenagers he speaks sparingly — at least around grown-ups.But put…

In a Class by Themselves

In the midst of the noise, accusations and negative publicity that plague Central Falls High School, some students are fighting to rise above the turmoil.

The alarm rings at six. Her first class at Central Falls High School doesn’t start for two hours, but Yessica Galdamez is already up. There’s so much to do: a hot shower, a bowl of Lucky Charms, a quick text message to a friend. Should she wear leggings or jeans? The top is never easy, but this morning she settles…