Courtney Coelho

One Wild Garden

Cheetahs, a mountain lion and a hippo family found a home in Newport.

A cheeky gnome or perfectly posed woodland creature can be a reliable way to break up an otherwise green landscape with a playful touch. But a singular figurine plopped down amongst a bed of flowers is one thing. Taming a menagerie of life-sized animal sculptures so they come together in an 8,000-square-foot garden off Bellevue Avenue in Newport is another matter entirely.

Secret Garden

This Little Compton estate grew from a few clippings into a lush, colorful paradise.

Each pathway — like this one lined with old cedars — leads to another delightfully unexpected scene in the Sakonnet Garden. Show Caption Hide Caption The garden begins with a walk along a path carved out of fern and moss. Farther in, a weeping beech tunnel called the Black Border leads the way to a working fountain. Show Caption Hide…

A Seaside Sanctuary in Warren

At this dreamy waterfront property, the view steals the show.

Discovering the property felt like fate. The owner, a busy financier living in Boston, stumbled upon the “for sale” sign tucked away on a private road during one of her regular visits to see her brother and his family in Warren’s Touisset neighborhood. The property was barely a sliver, wedged in between neighboring homes, and the house that inhabited it…

Decorating Tips from Restaurant Designers

Learn how to set the tone in your own home.

A new utility-grade oak floor warms the space up, while custom lighting fixtures add a whimsical touch. The communal table, originally the fabrication table used to weld the counter’s steel frames, worked so well it was made a permanent fixture. Furniture by Providence’s Greycork provides additional seating.   Sweet Escape When an ever-changing menu of Instagram-worthy doughnuts is your business’s…

Decoding Mid-Century Modern at White Star Antiques

The South Main Street emporium offers advice for smart shoppers.

Setting Up Shop Ask the four owners of Providence’s White Star Antiques why vintage and antique furniture never seem to go out of style and they’ll agree: Great design spans time. It’s a mantra that guided the two married couples — Alex and Melanie Correia and Josh and Karen Peterson — when they opened their shop at 357 South Main…