Author: Casey Nilsson

Keeping Up With Kent Stetson

The rise of a Rhode Island handbag designer.

If a single snapshot could mark a man’s arrival, Kent Stetson’s might be time-stamped January 29, 2013. It’d capture the bespectacled designer, near breathless from the thrill of it all, leading a group of latex monster/models — a fly-eyed fashionista, a hulking beast with three teeth — toting his latest line of luxury handbags down the StyleWeek Northeast runway. Behind…

A Hawk in the Ring

For sixteen straight years, Chief Sachem Matthew Thomas of the Narragansett Indians has fought for his tribe in the public arena — and he’s been roughed up along the way. Is the outspoken leader capable of changing the game?

It’s been forty years, but Matthew Thomas still remembers. He was sitting in a classroom in a middle school in a town that bears his tribe’s name. He recalls the color of the walls and the dingy carpet — the only things in the room darker than his own skin — and the words scrawled in squeaking chalk on a blackboard: Bloodthirsty. Savage. Animals….