House Lust: An Artist’s Retreat in Ashaway

This magical home, on the market now, was carefully curated by two creative types for nearly four decades.

Photo credits: Fairweather Realty.

If you told me yesterday that I’d fall in love with a lilac patio, I’d have called you a liar.

This is the real estate dream scenario: Creative types invest time and sweat equity in their home, then you buy it from them. They’ve done it all, and you get to call it yours. No worries over the right paint colors or tile. No worries over appliance coordination (should they all be stainless?!). No worries over fixtures, from the ceiling fan in the living room to the bathroom vanity lighting.

It is, of course, fairly difficult to find your aesthetic soulmate — let alone steal their home from them. But this Ashaway house, on the sweetly named Bluebird Lane, is quirky and fun and kind of dreamy. It has soulmate potential.

The house, built in 1970, was purchased by a portrait painter and commercial photographer in 1980. It’s refreshing to see such playful, homegrown interior design when modern trends lean towards all-white everything (and cream and beige, to be fair). This house is the exact opposite — nay, the immortal enemy — of Gwyneth Paltrow’s bland mecca.

The house sits on three-quarters of an acre up a long gravel driveway. The land is equally verdant, with a cute shed and outbuilding and lots of plant life. (Can we keep the yard furniture, too?)

Color lovers, this House Lust is for you:

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