Are You a Mary Ann or a Ginger?

So, Jen was on the Rhode Show this morning to talk about some of the  prizes at our wedding expo on Sunday. Nice! There’s a $12,000 furniture set grand prize from McKay’s, and if your groom-to-be is sweet enough to go with you, there’s free ‘Gansett beer in the groom’s lounge and a $3,500 42-inch flat screen from Home Genius to be had.

Good, right? I like that groom’s lounge idea. The guys are always getting lost in the shuffle at these wedding events.

Enough about him. For brides: $4,000 diamond earrings from Ephraim Doumato (yes, three zeros on that), a $300 gift certificate to Blue Sky Spaworks (rejoice, Aveda lovers), a $605 package from Gloss and Glamour (our 2010 Best New Salon), and — here’s where you can decide to be a Mary Ann or a Ginger — a vintage makeover and photo session with the fabulous Providence Pin-Up. (If your guy wins the 42-inch flat screen, you might want to go Ginger.)

Just kidding.

There are some amazing things in store for the show, but we’ll write more about it this week. In the meantime, click here.