4 Apps for Foodies

These mobile applications make dinner and coffee as easy as pie.

App name: Instacart
What it does: Instacart connects users with personal shoppers in the area to shop and deliver groceries right to your door in as little as one hour.
How to use it locally: Create a personal account and shop for groceries using a computer, Apple or Android mobile device. Schedule a delivery drop-off on a select date and time from Stop and Shop, Whole Foods, Price Rite, CVS, Petco and more.
Sign up: Go to instacart.com or download it at the Google Play Store or App Store.

App name: Dinner-x-Change
What it does: This mobile dinner conversation platform links a child’s school day to conversation at home. Kids can initiate conversations using content from the school day.
How to use it locally: Children can capture GABs — or words from the school day about what they’re doing — which give them a reminder that they can use
to start a conversation.
Sign up: Go to dxcgabs.com.

App name: UberEats
What it does: Browse a list of local restaurants and have your favorite dishes delivered.
How to use it locally: Place an order, and see estimated delivery time and the price including tax and booking fee. UberEats services more than fifty area restaurants including PVDonuts, UMelt and Bayberry Beer Hall in Providence, and Cranston and parts of East Providence and Pawtucket. Follow the status in the app as a nearby Uber driver picks it up and brings it to you.
Sign up: Go to ubereats.com/providence or download it at the Google Play Store or App Store.

App name: Nack
What it does: An app that allows users to share coffee with others.
How to use it locally: Download the app and create an account using your email or social logins that enables you to buy cups of coffee for anyone, anywhere.
Sign up: Go to getnack.com or download it at the Google Play Store or App Store.