Another Way to Help Haiti

The media seems to be doing a fairly good job of keeping Haiti front of mind, continuing to stress the importance of helping out in whatever way we can. It’s especially important, because as time passes, "donor fatigue" can set in, and we all move on with our lives, forgetting those that are still being affected directly by the latest disaster, natural or otherwise.

If you’re looking for a way to help, here’s one, with a local connection, that I found especially endearing. Stacie Hall, fashion designer and owner of the Pink Pineapple boutiques in Newport and Portsmouth, has pledged to donate one item of new clothing for every $5 donation customers make at her stores. The money will go to the Red Cross, while the clothes will go to NY-based nonprofit Fashion Delivers, which will send the clothing to Haiti. So, really, it’s like making two donations at once. And a great excuse to check out Pink Pineapple’s always-chock-full-of-awesome-stuff inventory. 

Pink Pineapple, 106 Clock Tower Road, Portsmouth; 380 Thames Street, Newport. For more information, call 293-5490.