A Haunted Crypt With a Great Love Story

The Annmary Brown Memorial is one of the top ghostly spots in Providence.
annmary brown

Photograph by James Jones

She only causes trouble when you do. Annmary Brown was interred at this Providence site in 1903. Her beloved husband, Rush Hawkins, filled the mausoleum with love letters and art, and he worked out of the building until his own death and internment. “This is my very favorite stop on the walking tour. It’s such a delicious love story,” says Courtney Edge-Mattos, a paranormal investigator and owner of the Providence Ghost Tour. “She guards this building, she takes care of this building; she looks after their final home.” Edge-Mattos, who is photographed here using a long exposure with fill-flash, says she senses “pure love” from Brown’s lingering spirit, but that wasn’t always the case. “She’s gone through periods when she’s been quite scary and uncomfortable,” she says, noting a time when Brown’s wedding rings and other items were thieved from the memorial, which is owned by Brown University and is open to the public. “People have seen her wringing her hands, very distressed.” providenceghosttour.com