Andrew Losowsky Breaks It to Us Gently

The very engaging Andrew Losowsky is out and about promoting his new book* over the next few weeks, but he’ll be stopping by the Providence Athenaeum on Friday night to give “an over-excited presentation” about the future of books, libraries and storytelling. If you’ve ever been seduced by the Athenaeum—it’s easy to lose half an afternoon browsing inside that old, gorgeous building—my hunch is you should be there on Friday night either to celebrate or brace yourself for the conceivable end (or not?) of an era. Maybe someday we will be toting our Kindles and cell phone novels to the bath and beach, a few more hours of the day spent staring at a screen. Either way, it will be interesting to hear Andrew’s take on it all—the talk is free and starts at 5:30 p.m. sharp. If you, like me, still feel Eeyore-ish at the thought of literature mixing with all this technology, Andrew promises there will be free wine to dull the pain.

*Armchair travelers, you’ll like this one: It’s called Doorbells of Florence, featuring Andrew’s photos of doorbells all over Florence and his imaginings of who would answer if you rang them. Look for it in "Current" in our June issue.

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