An Unexpected Family Vacation

"Timeshare" is an entertaining production of family eccentricity and love.

Imagine a cabin in the woods: moonlight in the trees, you, your romantic interest—and your parents?

That’s the premise of Rachel Caris Love’s entertaining play Timeshare, which one of three plays featured this summer as part of Brown/Trinity Playwrights Repertory Theatre’s 2012 season. Directed by Lowry Marshall and filled with fun characters and great dialogue, the production reminds us that even though our families might drive us crazy, we still love them.

Early in the production, Sarah Kirschenstein (Bridget Saracino) arrives at her parents’ cabin with her boyfriend, Josh Butler (Darien Battle). They’re under the impression that the cabin is theirs for the weekend and Josh is planning to propose. One small problem? Sarah’s mother drives her crazy and she hasn’t gotten around to letting her parents know she’s been dating Josh for two years. What they don’t know is that her father has already arrived and is locked in a bedroom.

Next, Sarah’s high-strung lawyer sister Liz (Alexandra Lawrence) arrives with her adorably stupid husband, Chase (Ben Chase). Turns out their wily mother Patricia (the very entertaining Jane Nichols) has arranged for all of them to be at the cabin that weekend for her anniversary.

“I need this weekend, I turn thirty next week!” Liz says.

“Saturday’s our fortieth,” Patricia says.

“Why would she do this?” Robin asks.

“She wishes we were closer,” Liz says.

Patricia peppers Sarah with questions about Josh, and why her daughters have yet to provide her with any grandchildren. “Why can’t my children get knocked up like regular people?” she asks. It turns out that not only does Patricia feel unappreciated by her daughters, but by her husband as well.  

The comedy of errors continues and at a few points, the humor borders on ridiculous. In the end, however, it’ll help you appreciate the family you have—quirks and all.

Timeshare is playing tonight and Saturday at 8 p.m. at Leeds Theatre, 77 Waterman St., Providence. 863-2838,

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