All These Feathers in Our Movie Cap!

How did I miss this? Just realized yesterday that the hugely anticipated Buried, which premieres at the Sundance Film Festival next weekend was written by Rhode Islander Chris Sparling. There has been some feverish interest in this movie, which will attempt the near-impossible: one man trapped in a coffin for an entire film, trying to escape, with nothing but a lighter and cell phone.

It’s one of the rare times when the buzz is as much on the writing as the acting and directing. You have to wonder how Sparling scripted an entire suspense thriller with one actor, one (horrifying claustrophobic) setting and two everyday items.

Another reason for the buzz is that it stars Ryan Reynolds, a not-taken-very-seriously pretty young thing who, if he pulls this off, will prove himself to be one of the most underrated actors around. We like when that happens.

Rhody is looking very good right now in Movieland. Our state is also home to Thomas Cobb, the RIC professor whose novel-turned-screenplay Crazy Heart is probably going to win beloved Jeff Bridges an Oscar this year. (Check out "Current" in our March issue for more on Cobb.)

And read a little more on Buried here.