All the Right Notes

Cranston East grad talks "Glee" award

Okay, so where have I been the last couple of weeks? Living under some holiday-themed rock with a bow on top apparently. Only last night did I find out that Cranston High School East, my alma mater, won $10,000 thanks to “Glee’s” Give a Note contest, which awarded $1 million to seventy-three struggling school music programs nationwide that submitted a video.

Between daydreaming of one day becoming a beat reporter for the Boston Red Sox, taking gym-class volleyball too seriously and slaving through the dreaded junior-year research paper, I played violin in the Cranston East string ensemble. I was never the most dedicated violinist and I never practiced as much as I should have, but that was definitely no fault of the program; I was just lazy. I wanted to be good, but never wanted to put the work in to be great.

But the other kids in the different marching bands, jazz bands, choirs and every other music group were some of the most driven people I’ve ever seen. While I was busy watching baseball, trying to win over my high school crush and listening to music instead of playing it, they practiced, practiced more and practiced still after that to make sure every note and dynamic was just right. And nearly five years after I graduated, it looks like that ethic has stayed the same earning a much-needed and well-deserved kick in the wallet.

The school’s winning video can be seen here.