A Small Victory

Happy Victory Day, everybody! Here at Rhode Island Monthly we do work today (not because we’re not patriotic state citizens, but because we now get two other vacay days instead, including our birthdays – yay!) and while it’s true that I’m not happily esconced on a beach towel like the rest of our victory-loving state, I can report that this morning was the fastest commute to work I’ve ever had.
But there’s more! Here’s a minor but happy victory to score over your cell phone company. Good old Google  – yes, I know some people think of them as the evil empire, but I love my Google Calendar and Google Voice and who cares if they know everything about me, long as I’m not doing anything illegal… err, well, not felony-illegal, anyway… I mean who on earth is really interested in what I’m up to anyway, paranoia is just a form of self aggrandizement… ahem!
As I was saying, Google offers a 411 service that is FREE! You just call an 800 number and it will connect you right through (which, come to think of it, could be a really great way to get free long distance from a land line, although not having a land line I can’t actually test this theory); or give you the phone number and address (say "details"); or text you the same info (say "text message").
So hah! to T-Mobile and it’s $1.79 directory assistance fee! Say what you want about the evil empire, the next time I’m coming back from the beach and I need the address for somewhere to stop and get a mojito or four (and then have my boyfriend drive the rest of the way home, Google are you listening?!?), here’s the number I’m calling: 800-GOOG-411.