A Seaweed Mystery, Cottontail Love

Rhode Island Monthly readers weigh in.

Snapshot, July

I’m a former Rhode Islander now living in Florida and enjoy reading my issue of Rhode Island Monthly. In last July’s issue, the Snapshot written by Jen McCaffery about Captain Seaweed's caught my eye. They say they are on Ives Street for the past 130 years in Fox Point. I was born in 1928 and raised in the Point and lived on Ives Street, which turns from the Boulevard up to Angel Street. I’ve walked it many a day and never saw or heard of Seaweed's. Did I miss a few cold ’Gansetts on a hot afternoon?

Bill Dias
Melbourne Beach, Florida


“Best of Rhode Island,” August

The Bristol Oyster Bar won for best oysters, but your article says, “Choose from a variety of oysters, both local and flown-in.” Owner Peter Sebring uses only local oysters in his restaurant; never are oysters flown in.

Ann McLean
Bristol Oyster Bar


Reporter, August

We really appreciate the attention to both young forest management and the captive rearing program, private and public lands, and biologists, zoologists and residents. There's quite a team working to recover young forest and the animals like the cottontail that need it.

Meagan Racey
Public Affairs Specialist
United States Fish and Wildlife Services, Northeast regio

“Pest Patrol,” September

Given the wide swaths of denuded trees across our state — particularly in southern Rhode Island — whose idea was it to celebrate this so-called insect team at URI? The well-fed gypsy moth caterpillars are applauding, but my beautiful oaks and I are not! Shame on you!

Jane Kubanick-Wishik, Esq.
East Greenwich


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