A Little Advocacy: The Shooters Site

Ever wonder why Providence makes so little use of its waterfront? I do, and have every day since I moved here from a much smaller town that squeezes every drop of possible mileage out of its lovely oceanfront situation, to its great advantage.
Apparently the reasons the city turned its back on the bay are miriad, but they’re also historical and don’t have much to do with us now. It’s time to start reclaiming our place as a waterfront city, and this email – and the petition it’s promoting – is a good place to start. Many thanks to the good people at Head of The Bay Gateway who sent this out this morning. What a relief to hear that the City Plan Commission appears to have reversed its position on Shooters, which looked like it was destined to become yet another useless high-rise of empty luxury condos. More (read on to the end for a fantastic quote):

We’re making progress, with the City Plan Commission’s recent vote to prohibit residences at the Shooters site, and other less tangible but equally important developments. But we have a LONG way to go.
The online petition on our new website — http://makeshooterspublic.com/ — calling on city and state officials to create a "vibrant public destination" at Shooters has attracted 136 signatures (at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/make-shooters-public ) in the 10 days it has been up. We don’t know many of the names, indicating the breadth of our support.
We need your help to reach our goal of 1,000 signatures, which will build our strength in this election year. Here’s what you can do:

1) Sign the petition yourself. (Listing your name online is optional.)

2) Forward it to your membership, board, officers, staff, family & friends — whatever you’re comfortable doing for maximum circulation — urging them to sign too.

3) Please help us ASAP. The sooner we can increase the petition’s numbers, the better.

4) Urge your elected representatives and other government officials to support the Gateway. We’d like leaders from groups outside Fox Pt. to join us at the Fox Pt Neighborhood Association meeting with Mayor Cicilline on Monday, March 8, at 6:45 p.m. at the Bathhouse, next to Vartan Gregorian School on Wickenden St. Please let me or the Fox Pt. Neigh Assn (fpna@cox.net) know if you’d like to come.

5) Write a letter to the editor, like the one in Saturday’s ProJo

Many thanks!
FYI, below are the supporters listed in our attached fact sheet. Excerpts from these & other letters are at http://makeshooterspublic.com/endorsements.html.

Bay Queen Cruises
Coastal Resources Mgmt Council Providence Parks Department  
Save the Bay
WaterFire Providence
Community Boating Center
Sloop Providence
Ocean Project
City Sail (student boat building)
RI Philharmonic Orchestra
Festival Ballet of Providence

Providence Preservation Society
13 RI State Legislators, led by Sen. Perry & Rep. Segal 
Blackstone River Valley Nat’l
Heritage Corridor Commission
Prov. Working Waterfront Alliance      
RI Blueways Alliance
Greenways Alliance of RI
Ten Mile River Watershed Council
RI Sierra Club, Transportation Chair
Paul Cuffee School
Steamship Historical Society
Henry and Peggy Sharpe

Blackstone Parks Conservancy  
College Hill Neighborhood Assn.
Downtown Neighborhood Alliance
Fox Point Neighborhood Assn.
Friends of India Point Park
Jewelry District Assn.
Summit Neighborhood Assn.
West Broadway Neighborhood Assn.
28 Wickenden area business owners
Councilman Seth Yurdin

David Riley
Co-Chair, Head of the Bay Gateway
PO Box 603166
Providence, RI 02906
401 521-7929 (ph & fax) 401 486-6993 (cell)

"Great cities around the world have the guts to give their finest parts to the public realm." — Joe Riley, Mayor, Charleston, SC