House Lust: 5 Prudence Island Homes for Sale

Coastal living in Rhode Island is within reach on pretty, unadulterated Prudence Island.

While I was wrapping up a photo essay on the islands in upper Narragansett Bay for our June issue (on newsstands now!), Rhode Island Monthly‘s publisher, John Palumbo, shared an anecdote with me about a weekend adventure in house-raising on Prudence Island when he was a teenager. (He documents the feat in this month’s Publisher’s Note. Read it here.)

The home from John’s memory was simple and modular. But when I started poking around the island’s real estate listings, I couldn’t help but notice: A lot of the houses on the market these days are fancy. Like, indoor pool and gourmet kitchen fancy. One even has a chandelier!

During my visit to Prudence last summer with photographer Mike Cevoli, we caught up with a husband and wife who were building their dream home up the road from the ferry. They were putting a whole lot of heart into the house — stained glass windows, spiral staircase and all. The days of modular homes shipped on the ferry might be over, it seems.

And while some older cottages from the turn of the century — including a 1920s gem, below — are available for sale, it’s the luxe ones that separate Prudence from its tiny next door neighbor, Hog Island. (I dug into the wonderful world of Hog Island real estate last week. Read the House Lust column here.)

Hog is seasonal while Prudence sustains a small but hardy year-round population. Its newer homes reflect that sensibility. They’re big, they’re functional and they’re reasonably priced — especially considering the high-dollar views. Here’s your House Lust:

Pick up a copy of Rhode Island Monthly‘s June issue for a story on our Prudence Island daytrip, plus a chronicle of our visits to Hog, Patience, Hope and Despair islands.

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