2015 Best of Rhode Island

For a small state, each year we’re able to come up with a mighty list. Look no further for the latest and greatest in what to eat, where to shop, beauty fixes, workouts and spots to get silly all over Rhode Island. From essentials to the unexpected, from the best places for brunch to the best untraditional slumber party, we’ve got you covered.

Contributors: Joshua Aromin, Kate Brierley, Courtney Coelho, Jamie Coelho, Karen Deutsch, Denise Dowling, Sarah Francis, Megan Fulweiler, Serena Gaitskell, Jen McCaffery, Casey Nilsson, Jenn Salcido, Kelly Shea, Jennifer Spira

Illustration: Serge Seidlitz

Photographers: Jason Evans, Alex Gagne, James Jones, Nat Rea, Angel Tucker


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