18 Down: Often-Impersonated Diva?

A Brown University junior has devised crossword puzzles for the New York Times and the Onion.

Brown University junior Aimee Lucido has gotten her second crossword puzzle, “Run to Las Vegas,” published in the New York Times this week, the university’s alumni magazine reports.

Lucido describes herself on the Times’s crossword blog, Wordplay, as concentrating in computer science in literary arts. She got involved in the crossword puzzle world in the second half of her first year at Brown. She’s part of the university’s puzzle club, and her first effort was published in the paper during Brown Puzzle Week last year. She also writes crosswords for the Onion.

Lucido also writes that she's a TA, part of the Madrigal Singers, and “in my spare time, I am writing a novel that tries desperately to be like an episode of Dr. Who but more closely resembles trash.”

Alas, you need to pay to access the puzzles on the Times’s site. But Lucido’s description of her creative process is almost as fun as working on a puzzle itself.

“I do most of my thinking about crossword puzzles in my bed as I’m trying to fall asleep,” Lucido writes. “This means that I get a lot of ideas that are awesome (or at least feel awesome at 3 a.m.) but evaporate as soon as I wake up enough to write them down. This idea was one of the first to ever re-solidify, a stroke of luck that I can only attribute to the cross-lords."

And the answer to 18 Down in her puzzle, the often-impersonated diva? Cher.