The Weekly Weigh-In: A Farm-in-a-Box

Plus, CVS buys Aetna, RI native Voila Davis sounds off to POPSugar, get your wheels in gear with a holiday bike ride and more in health and wellness.


Ever heard of a farm-in-a-box? Well, there’s a first time for everything. The Cumberland School District has the first Leafy Green Machine in Rhode Island, a hydroponic growing facility that will bring fresh vegetables to the plates of all students in Cumberland. Over the course of just one year, the innovative machine is expected to grow the same amount of food as two acre’s worth of land, and they just harvested their first crop. [Turn To 10]

This time of year, glitter is inescapable. Whether on holiday ornaments or on your New Year’s Eve dress, the shimmery bits are the gift that keeps on giving. But is it actually a curse on the environment? Scientists are reporting that it puts harmful chemicals into the world’s oceans, and potentially harms marine life. Many are calling for a ban on the sparkly flecks of plastic, similar to the ban on microbeads in 2015.  [Well+Good]

Meal-prep for your week with these chicken breast recipes that are simple, yet anything but boring. From pesto chicken pita pockets to fiesta chicken rice bowls, these twenty-one recipes will have you saying winner, winner, chicken dinner (or lunch). [Greatist]

The Woonsocket-based company CVS is reportedly buying Aetna, the nation’s third-largest health insurer in a deal that will cost them about $69 billion. What could this mean for the future of the large retail chain and pharmacy? And how will it impact Rhode Island, where it employs more than 8,000 people? Click here to find out more. [Rhode Island Public Radio]

Rhode Island’s own Viola Davis was interviewed by POPSugar, and she sounds off on everything from beauty standards to sexual assault. Davis is not just an Oscar-award winning actress but also a crusader for human rights, so her insights prove to be just as inspirational as you’d expect. [POPSugar]

A professor at Boston University conducted an experiment with her students over the course of a semester to test what the impacts of technology are in a classroom. Her results speak volumes over our cell-phone habits and how smartphones affect a learning environment, or any environment for that matter. Read more about the positive impacts of turning off and tuning in. [AEON]

On the Run: Health and wellness goings-on

Dec. 13: Lady runners, this one is for you. Join the superintendent of Providence Parks Wendy Nilsson bright and early for a easy-paced three point two mile run. The Women’s Trail Run is sponsored by a group designed to introduce runners to Roger Williams Park’s newly refurbished trails. From beginner to advanced, all types of women runners are welcome. Breakfast cookies will be provided.

Dec. 15: Deck out your bike in festive lights and bells for a holiday ride around the city. Join other bicyclists for this Holiday Bike Ride at the Rhode Island State House, where it all starts. Make sure not to forget your holiday helmet covers!

Dec. 15: After a challenging Barre or Beats class, unwind with a glass (or two) of bubbly. Take a dive into the world of sparkling wine and treat yourself at Barre and Bubbles. There is a suggested $5 donation that will go towards the Providence Animal Rescue League.

Dec. 16: In a December class series, join lululemon for classes that will strengthen your body, mind and spirit. The Breathe It All In Class combines yoga and meditation and will turn any Grinch into grateful.

Dec. 16: Don’t let the cold keep you from the great outdoors!  Take a break from your holiday shopping and enjoy a hike through a woodland forest. Ballard Park staff will lead a Winter Hike through the park while sharing information about the site’s history.

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