10 Easy Winter Skincare and Beauty Tips

Kirsten Brusse of the Daily Beauty Blotter gives one-on-one Beauty Bootcamp lessons to teach women how to do their own makeup in their homes.

Kirsten Brusse is a Rhode Island beauty blogger who gears her makeup and skincare tips to the woman on the go. The mother of two from Providence started her blog three years ago, the Daily Beauty Blotter, as “a way to share products I love and tell people about them,” she says. “So many women do nothing at all. Not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t know how to.” She hopes to change all that by creating a place they can go to get fun, easy solutions. Brusse also gives one-on-one Beauty Bootcamp lessons to teach women how to do their own makeup in their homes.

Here are some of her cold-weather skincare and holiday makeup tips:


1. Use an oil-based cleanser to maintain a youthful glow. High-quality cleansers no longer contain pore-clogging oils; they contain high-grade oils that improve the appearance of skin. Even people with oily skin should use a facial oil to balance out skin. Brusse likes products from Elizabeth Dehn, including the One Love Organics Elizabeth Dehn Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover by Anthropologie.


2. Use sunscreen every day, even in winter. And that SPF in your foundation doesn’t count, either. Choose a daily moisturizer with a high SPF, which will help prevent wrinkles. She recommends a daily moisturizer that has it all, like CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM with SPF 30. “There’s a misconception that if you have oily skin, you don’t need to moisturize,” Brusse says. “You need to hydrate your skin, just like you always need to drink water.”


3. Nothing is worse than dry, red flaky hands in winter. We asked Brusse for a solution: hand cream from L’Occitane. “We don’t like to spend a lot, but it’s a rich, hydrating, non-greasy formula that lasts,” she says. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Gold Bond Ultimate Rough and Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream is a good alternative.


4. In the winter, our lips suffer the wrath of biting winds. To combat chapped lips, Brusse recommends the Bliss Fabulips Pout-o-matic Lip Smoothing System. It’s a battery-operated device that buffs and exfoliates your lips and then coats them in soothing coconut oil.


5. For holiday makeup staying-power, actually anytime staying-power, you must use a primer, says Brusse. There are different primers for eyelids and face, so make sure to use products specifically targeted to those areas. “You wouldn’t paint your house without using a primer, so this is the same concept when it comes to makeup,” she says. It keeps eye shadows and eyeliners from smudging, and eye shadow colors will also stay true to the hues you see on the packaging.


6. Primer for your face will fill in any pores and fine lines, smoothing out everything. “It’s like Spanx for your face,” Brusse says. “Everything goes on better, lasts longer and appears smoother.” Laura Mercier Protect Foundation Primer SPF 30 is the perfect choice.


7. The holidays are a time to have fun with makeup. “You can really experiment,” she says. “If you don’t want to do a red lip, maybe try a sheer red lip gloss, and work your way up. You can get away with more sparkle than you think.”


8. Metallics are big for the holidays. Have fun with eye shadows, but if you’re not into it, you can also do a gold metallic nail polish.


9. For nighttime looks, most women gravitate to the smoky eye, but it’s actually really unflattering, says Brusse. When it comes to eye shadow, you should look at a color wheel, and choose the color directly across from your eye color; for example, blue eyes look better with bronze eye shadow; green eyes pop with eggplant. There are many eye shadow quads that teach you how and where to apply different shades. They are mini-lessons in a kit; some are even shaped like your eye to guide you on where to apply certain colors for widening effects. Brusse recommends versions from Almay and Charlotte Tilbury.


10. And the ultimate tip? “If nothing else, get your eyebrows waxed,” she says. “They are the picture frame for your face.” Brusse recommends Lisa Duffy at Strand Salon.


Get a one-on-one makeup lesson with Brusse. She’ll come to your house for a two-hour class covering everything from skincare to makeup. “If your skin doesn’t look good, then your makeup won’t look good,” she says. Brusse will discuss your daily routine, help you build a makeup wardrobe and give you a step-by-step lesson. She applies makeup on one side of your face, and then the client will complete the other side the same way. Beauty Bootcamp is a $250 investment, but you will save a lot of money in the long run. Here’s why: “After this lesson, you will never again buy a product that doesn’t work for you.” Book a visit with Brusse, and say goodbye to your makeup graveyard. thedailybeautyblotter.com/gift-certificates