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Love Shack

For one large Italian family a tiny West Warwick kitchen promised more than a traditional feast.

Little Italy

Little state, many options. Rhode Island offers culinary portraits of Italy in every corner of the state, each with its own take on its regional cuisines. Here are 25 of our favorite restaurants.

Reporter - The Long Road Home

Veterans traumatized by war can find the transition back to civilian life difficult. But leaders are working to improve services and giving veterans who have gotten in trouble a second chance.

Reporter - A Heady Brew

Rhode Island has relied on a three-tiered system to produce, distribute and sell alcohol. Brewers and wineries want to cut out the middleman, but have met stiff industry opposition.

Reporter - Out of School

Racial profiling in Rhode Island can extend from elementary school to the highway, where blacks and Hispanics are suspended and stopped disproportionately to whites.

Reporter - Ruffled Feathers

From town councils to rallies, chickens draw crowds and inspire passions — both pro and con. But does the debate go deeper than fowl?

Reporter - Paper, Plastic or Reusable?

Barrington recently banned plastic bags for two years — the first municipality in Rhode Island to do so. But waste experts say paper and reusable bags have their own issues.

Reporter - Collateral Consequences

Criminal convictions can linger long after offenders serve their time. Rhode Island lawmakers are considering several measures to help some re-enter society.

Reporter - Firing Away

Rhode Island lawmakers are considering strengthening gun laws further in the wake of the Newtown shootings. But gun rights supporters see it as a governmental power grab.

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