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Reporter - A Heady Brew

Rhode Island has relied on a three-tiered system to produce, distribute and sell alcohol. Brewers and wineries want to cut out the middleman, but have met stiff industry opposition.

Reporter - Out of School

Racial profiling in Rhode Island can extend from elementary school to the highway, where blacks and Hispanics are suspended and stopped disproportionately to whites.

Reporter - Ruffled Feathers

From town councils to rallies, chickens draw crowds and inspire passions — both pro and con. But does the debate go deeper than fowl?

Reporter - Paper, Plastic or Reusable?

Barrington recently banned plastic bags for two years — the first municipality in Rhode Island to do so. But waste experts say paper and reusable bags have their own issues.

Reporter - Collateral Consequences

Criminal convictions can linger long after offenders serve their time. Rhode Island lawmakers are considering several measures to help some re-enter society.

Reporter - Firing Away

Rhode Island lawmakers are considering strengthening gun laws further in the wake of the Newtown shootings. But gun rights supporters see it as a governmental power grab.

At Home: Photo Album

Life only slows — and not much — when this well-known photographer and his family are ensconced in the Jamestown house they reshaped to look nothing like its bland former self.

At Home: Double Duty

Problematic site and stringent codes aside, a skillful architect designs a pair of modern houses to create one beautiful home.

2013 Design Awards

There are more reasons than ever to celebrate our nineteenth annual Design Awards.

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