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Hill Hotspots

Cindy Salvato’s Savoring Federal Hill Tour offers a behind-the-scenes experience at Providence’s best Italian bakeries, markets and more.

A Hawk in the Ring

For sixteen straight years, Chief Sachem Matthew Thomas of the Narragansett Indians has fought for his tribe in the public arena — and he’s been roughed up along the way. Is the outspoken leader capable of changing the game?

At Home: Surprise Package

If you’re thinking this is your usual shingled getaway, think again. A bevy of inspired details sweep this gambrel-roofed house into a category all its own.

Fashion Finder

A Providence stylemaker runs a thrifty business.

Fresh Pasta 101

Nothing is more representative of Italian cooking — or more revered — than pasta. Sure, dried is convenient, but the experience of eating fresh pasta is the reason Italy is worth a culinary pilgrimage across the world.

The Denver Boot

This Providence-based band crafts tender, personal tunes.

Love Shack

For one large Italian family a tiny West Warwick kitchen promised more than a traditional feast.

Little Italy

Little state, many options. Rhode Island offers culinary portraits of Italy in every corner of the state, each with its own take on its regional cuisines. Here are 25 of our favorite restaurants.

Reporter - The Long Road Home

Veterans traumatized by war can find the transition back to civilian life difficult. But leaders are working to improve services and giving veterans who have gotten in trouble a second chance.

Reporter - A Heady Brew

Rhode Island has relied on a three-tiered system to produce, distribute and sell alcohol. Brewers and wineries want to cut out the middleman, but have met stiff industry opposition.

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