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RI Celebrity Yearbook Photos

We visited high school libraries around the state in search of old yearbook photos. Match the photos and clues below to the local and national notables.

Reporter: Lighting the Way

Cash-strapped Rhode Island cities and towns have resorted to turning out streetlights to save money. A new law allows them to buy their streetlights, but it’s unclear how much they will save.

Trimming the Tree

Rhode Island has a long history with Christmas trees - err, Holiday trees?

Hill Hotspots

Cindy Salvato’s Savoring Federal Hill Tour offers a behind-the-scenes experience at Providence’s best Italian bakeries, markets and more.

A Hawk in the Ring

For sixteen straight years, Chief Sachem Matthew Thomas of the Narragansett Indians has fought for his tribe in the public arena — and he’s been roughed up along the way. Is the outspoken leader capable of changing the game?

At Home: Surprise Package

If you’re thinking this is your usual shingled getaway, think again. A bevy of inspired details sweep this gambrel-roofed house into a category all its own.

Fashion Finder

A Providence stylemaker runs a thrifty business.

Fresh Pasta 101

Nothing is more representative of Italian cooking — or more revered — than pasta. Sure, dried is convenient, but the experience of eating fresh pasta is the reason Italy is worth a culinary pilgrimage across the world.

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