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Q&A Ask the Expert

A sit-down with meat man Ed Ryan, resident butcher, owner and great-grandson of Michael J. Ryan, founder of Ryan’s Market in Wickford.

Prime Pairings

Liz Steely of Campus Fine Wines in Providence offers tips for choosing the right wine for your beef.

High Steaks

Red Meat is in. Here's everything you need to know to indulge your inner carnivore.

Betting the Farm

Five dairy farmers took a big chance when they started Rhody Fresh milk three years ago. Their overwhelming success proves the cream always rises to the top.

Have It Your Way

Convenient, customized and (relatively) cheap, meal assembly places are sprouting up everywhere—and redefining the way we cook.

Soupy’s On

My favorite family ritual involves guts, slaughter and hangings. When my father told me that he was no longer up to the gruesome task, I decided it was my turn to keep the tradition alive.

Ethnic Eats

Not up for Italian? The Hill is becoming a hot spot for its non-pasta options. Grab a table here for delicious and authentic international cuisine.

Meat Glossary

How to tell your Crespone from you Capocollo

Market Watch

One city block. Four (Italian) specialty food shops. Countless options for Sunday dinner.

How to Pick Out a Fresh Chicken

Antonelli’s Poultry has been operating at De Pasquale Square for more than a century. Chris Morris has managed the store’s daily population of 800 to 2,000 birds since 1974. He tells us how to spot a good one.

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