Contact an Employee

John J. Palumbo President and Publisher 401.649.4848
Rhonda Alexander Director of Finance and Administration 401.649.4884
Kristine Dorais Office Administrator 401.649.4847

Sarah Francis Editor 401.649.4830
Jamie Coelho Associate Editor 401.649.4860
Kaitlyn Murray Associate Editor  401.649.4880
Casey Nilsson Associate Editor 401.649.4868
Samantha Labrecque Editorial Assistant 401.649.4870

Doreen M. Chisnell Creative Director 401.649.4828
Meaghan Smith Associate Art Director  401.649.4818

Paul O’Hare Production Director 401.649.4833
Alan DiPetrillo Imaging Specialist 401.649.4844
Debra Lamp Production Designer 401.649.4866
Jenna Foster Advertising Designer 401.649.4877

Sales and Marketing
Kieran Keating Associate Publisher/Sales 401.649.4888
Audra Dybala Marketing Consultant 401.649.4803
Megan Flynn Marketing Consultant 401.649.4805
Jana Gillette Marketing Consultant 401.649.4869
Leslie Hunter Gunther Marketing Consultant 401.649.4802
Sharon Paradis Marketing Consultant 401.649.4804
Samantha Eckel Marketing Manager 401.649.4898
Cathrine Nelson Marketing Assistant/Social Media Coordinator 401.649.4878