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Tour the New Air Force One Replica for Free

Remember that massive 747 at Quonset? It's now a touring tribute to the presidential aircraft.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars in storage fees and years of renovations, the new Air Force One replica is ready for tours at the Quonset State Airport. Wait — what. It’s true: Since June of 2015, the New York-based Children’s Democracy Project has been quietly transforming a full-size Boeing 747 — well, “quietly” is a relative term; it’s hard…

African Alliance of Rhode Island Sees Success in Urban Gardening and Retail Products

The nonprofit has five community gardens and is selling produce and retail products at farmers markets, including garden egg relish, carrot and apple jam and more.

The African Alliance sells vegetables at the Armory farmers market.   Rhode Island’s African community faces various challenges while adjusting to a new life. Julius Kolawole, cofounder of the African Alliance of Rhode Island, explains that the nonprofit and its annual Health Summit were created to help Africans acclimate to the area. In the past, many Africans would arrive to…

Catch a Last-minute Show This Week

Four Legs to Stand On and The Hotel Plays are two interactive theater performances.

The fall tour of Four Legs to Stand On, a play following one family’s struggle with a child’s opioid addiction, is opening Thursday, September 14. Meanwhile, the Spectrum Theater Ensemble, in association with Trinity Repertory Company, is set to perform the production, the Hotel Plays, this weekend as well.

Fall Bucket List

Five activities you need to do this fall.

Cooler weather, yellowing leaves — is it that time of year already? It might not be fall just  yet, but one of New England’s most spectacular seasons is just around the corner. With the change in weather comes a whole new slew of fun things to do. Whether it’s apple picking or leaf peeking, check these local activities off your fall…

PPL Library Card Catalog Becomes a Free Seed Bank

Libraries across the country have rediscovered their ancient card catalogs and found new uses for them.

Artfully assembled from dense hardwoods and hand-crafted brass fittings, suffused with the dust and wear of dozens of years of use by thousands of readers, the card catalog seemed as if it had always been there, a part of the landscape. Today, that landscape has evolved, and the card catalog is extinct.