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The Furry Canine Healers at Hasbro Children’s Hospital

The Animal Visiting Program at Hasbro Children’s Hospital has been delivering smiles to children’s faces for more than twenty years.

Headed by Hasbro staffers and animal lovers, Kim Morse and Ariel Twomey, the Animal Visiting Program features just under a dozen pet therapy dogs of all breeds, large and small. These pups visit with patients and families all over the hospital, from the emergency department to the mental health ward to the long term care unit. TRAINING As we all…

The Weekly Weigh-In: The Strange Case of the Zombie Deer

Plus, the truth about all things"low carb," an app that diagnoses and prescribes, and the next big superfood.

So, apparently there’s a disease spreading around your local deer population that’s been turning them into ‘zombies.’ Oh, and it can spread to humans. Scared yet? Well it might not be the time to panic just yet. According to leading scientists, though it’s possible for humans to catch this disease, it hasn’t happened so far. Read more about the strange…

On Your Feet! Turns up the Heat at PPAC

Broadway stars are excited to bring the music and story of Grammy Award-winning Gloria and Emilio Estefan to the PPAC stage.

Both Prades and Martinez hope that audiences not only enjoy the story of Gloria and Emilio, but that they take a step back and look at the larger picture. They realize that this tour is timely — there is tension among immigrants in America and their path to success, but achieving the American dream is possible.

15 Spots to Celebrate the Big Game

Bars and restaurants are offering game-day specials and events for all kinds of fans.

It seems like it’s becoming an annual tradition for the New England Patriots to compete in the Big Game. The team is going for its second consecutive Super Bowl win on Sunday, February 4 at 6:30 p.m. as they face off against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Five Can’t Miss Events: Feb. 1–7

Check out some boats, party at a Woonsocket Mardi Gras celebration, see an ABBA cover band and more fun things to do.

1. Providence Boat Show From Providence Boat Show Facebook. It may be a little too early and too cold to start thinking about the beach and the ocean, but if you miss getting out on the water then the Providence Boat Show might be the perfect fix for you this winter. Whether you’re a big game fisherman, a foodie or…