Len Cabral

The storyteller’s folktales teach children modern-day lessons.

Storyteller Len Cabral stands in front of a crowd of fourth and fifth graders sitting on the floor of the gymnasium-turned-lunchroom at the Greenwood School in Warwick. His waist-long dreadlocks swing as he raises his shoulders, takes a wide stance and clenches his hands like the paws of a gigantic black bear. You can almost see the slender man bulk…

Chase Away the Winter Blues

Rejuvenate in Raffa Yoga's treatment rooms.

Go from zero to 160 degrees in a flash at Raffa Yoga complex in Cranston. Just when the winter doldrums set in, the active relaxation center rejuvenates you with six treatment rooms featuring saunas, a steam room and even a grotto filled with 18,000 pounds of Himalayan rock salt, the benefits of which are said to help cure the sniffles….

Endless Abilities

Zack Bastian stars in the documentary, Endless Abilities.

When Zack Bastian, twenty-eight, who grew up in South Kingstown, isn’t in his wheelchair — the result of a dirt bike accident in 2003 — he’s doing things you might not expect from a paraplegic, including surfing Rhode Island waters and skiing up north. Add to that a focus of a documentary, Endless Abilities. In 2012, Bastian and three young…

Flower Power

Get a whiff of spring at the Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show.

It takes three-and-a-half days, 200 tons of stone, 700 yards of mulch and enough sod to cover a football field to put together the twenty-six gardens in bloom at the annual Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center. This year’s family-friendly theme is Garden Adventures, taking place February 19 to 22 with hands-on activities…

The Most Important Meal

Publisher John Palumbo talks breakfast, the cover story in our February issue.

There have been volumes written about deteriorating family values. Many of us Boomers are aghast with (and contribute to, I might add) the pace and protocol of life. Folks with younger children are held hostage by sports teams, dance recitals and the seemingly endless array of opportunities we heap upon kids no matter the cost (financial and personal). Empty nesters…

Taking the High Road

Four years after medical marijuana was allowed in Rhode Island, some are pushing to make recreational pot legal, while others says it leads to harder drugs and crime.

From the outside, the Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center is more plain-Jane than Mary-Jane. The cedar-shingled, single-story building, once a carpentry shop, minds its own business on the edge of West Main Road amid other Portsmouth retail outlets. Along the length of the building, a large exhaust fan circulates the spicy, mossy air over a small forest of cannabis plants, an…

Secret Rhode Island

You think you know Rhode Island. 
This state doesn’t cover many square miles, after all. But do you really?

You’re busy. You’ve got a life. Besides, the truth is, some of our state’s best stuff and people are tucked away; every day, you probably drive by them as you sail down I-95, oblivious. Well, here they are — our state’s hidden gems — from where the ghosts hang out, to where to savor a drink you’ve never tasted before….

Metacom Kitchen

At Metacom Kitchen, the elegant menu and rustic decor reflect the quiet confidence of its talented chef.

322 Metacom Ave., Warren, 245-1193, Open Wed.–Mon. (closed Tuesday). Reservations accepted. Wheelchair accessible. Lot parking. Cuisine American in its mature years: Old enough to know better but still young enough to kick it. Capacity Sixty. Vibe Like an island hangout after the irritating tourists have left and real life begins. Prices Appetizers $7–$17; entrees $13–$24; dessert $6. Karen’s picks…

Safe Haven

With her small band of volunteers, Deidre Sharp rescues abandoned horses and shelters them at her farm. It’s a mission she struggles to afford, but one she can't give up.

Four-thirty a.m. on the south cusp of Wickford Village, and with sunrise merely a promise, floodlights snap on outside the snug home of Deidre Sharp, a clerk in the Newport Police Department. She’s working the eight to four shift today, but has miles to go even before jumping into her nine-year-old Chevy pickup for the twenty-minute drive over two bridges….

At Home: Stop and Shop

Maybe you don’t want to snap up an eighteenth-century chest or a ’50s painting at midnight. But you can. Purchasing antiques and collectibles online is painless (PJs allowed), once you know the ropes.

For some e-commerce counsel, we turned to the Drawing Room in Newport — a frontier blazer having sold online since 1996 — and East Providence’s D and M Antiques, whose impressive inventory recently came onboard. Collective Wisdom In three decades, partners Federico Santi and John Gacher have amassed a carefully curated cache of treasures — everything from Gothic furniture and…