Trimming the Tree

Rhode Island has a long history with Christmas trees - err, Holiday trees?

But on Block Island, there’s no dispute that the festooned, towering structure overlooking the ferry dock in Esta’s Park is a lobster pot tree. Built by island artist Harold “Turtle” Hatfield (who also built the park) out of still-functioning traps borrowed from local lobsterman and restaurateur Freddy Howarth, the sculpture is bedecked with multicolored LED lights, colorful buoys found on…

Fashion Finder

A Providence stylemaker runs a thrifty business.

Jay Davani has been thrifting her whole life. She moved to the United States from Iran after the Revolution with her family when she was two years old, and they came over with just one suitcase. “My mother has always been super-thrifty, cutting coupons, shopping discount stores and sales. We never bought things full price. She instilled it in me.”…

The Denver Boot

This Providence-based band crafts tender, personal tunes.

  Billy Moretti isn't an entertainer. His band, the Denver Boot, forgoes a rompin’ stage act for simple riffs and intimate songwriting — folk tunes that make you think, feel and really listen. “If we play for a crowd and I see one person staring, that means more to me than when everyone’s dancing,” Moretti says. “Maybe they get what I’m trying…