Health Feature

Whole Woman: Healthy Bites

A local foodies shares recipes for healthy snacks for girls on the go.

By Kaitlyn Murray and Dana Saccoccio Nibbles are essential for keeping a woman on-the-move’s energy on point throughout the day. “But there’s just not enough time in the work week!” you may cry. We beg to differ: All you need to do is set aside your Sunday afternoon to prepare one or two of these tasty (and good for you)…

Getting Fit at Fifty Plus

You don’t have to do a lot, but you do have to be consistent.

Fifty is one of those reflective life milestones where we take stock and make plans. But while you’re double-checking your 401 K for fiscal fitness, don’t forget your physical fitness. Why is fitness after the age of fifty so important? Beyond being able to continue doing the activities you enjoy, fitness is key to preventing falls and injuries, and minimizing…

Doctor's Orders: Less Meat, More Olive Oil

This diet improves health and decreases food insecurity.

Dr. Mary Flynn, a Miriam Hospital nutritionist and Brown University associate professor, developed the Healing Foods Project, a plant-based, extra virgin olive oil diet that improves health and decreases food insecurity. Rhode Island Monthly: What is the Healing Foods Project? Mary Flynn: It's a program I developed based on diet research that includes healthy recipes made with extra virgin olive…

Zencare Connects People to Mental Health Services

The website is a resource with profiles of local mental health professionals.

In the fall of 2014, Yuri Tomikawa, a 2012 graduate of Brown University, sought professional guidance. Her search for a therapist or life coach, which began online, only exacerbated her frustration. “There are tons of lists out there, but no quality vetting,” Tomikawa says. Tomikawa, who moonlights as a web designer, thought there had to be a better way —…

Social Movement: Breaking a Sweat Together

Does the group dynamic encourage making working out a habit?

The  relationship between social support and exercise is rather intuitive. Given option one, “zumba class with ripped instructor and a gaggle of friends” versus option two, “solitary run at 5 a.m. before work” and most people’s preference leans toward numero uno. There’s a stronger motivation to work out when you’re with a group. But not for me. I’ve always hated…

Looking to Eat Healthy?

Take this list with you to the grocery store.

Dairy Calcium-fortified soy milk Good for: muscles, heart, bones Many people who are lactose intolerant turn to soy milk. Because of the added calcium, this drink has the same benefits as milk — plenty of calcium and protein, not to mention it contains no cholesterol, which is beneficial to those with a heart condition. Try this: Add a splash of…

Rhode Island's Top Nurses 2016

Twelve winners work in health care around the state.

What makes for a good nurse? Ask anyone in the healthcare world and they’ll tell you the following: Compassion. An inquiring mind. Perseverance. An unrelenting desire to help people. But what makes an excellent nurse? They’re the ones who hold your hand through the good and bad, who stay by your side well past their shifts end, who advocate for…

Learn to Communicate With Confidence

How to get your message across without fear.

We’ve heard it a million times before: women apologize too much and they let people walk all over them. Our communication styles may be less than perfect, but we are much more assertive than our knee-jerk apologies show. Much of this stems from the idea of assigned gender roles, where many individual communication habits become associated with a specific gender….