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Courtland Club is a Not-So-Secret Social Club

The bar is bringing back the idea of a social club, but more inclusive.

The bar at Courtland Club. Photo by Justin Block Photography. Rhode Islanders have always been obsessed with where places used to be. And the West Side’s newest bar, Courtland Club, is one of those places that used to be. In the late-‘20s and early-‘30s, it was Crugnale Bakery, famous for its pizza strips, and in the 1940’s, it evolved into…

Watch “Fighting for Healthy Foods: How Rhode Island is Stepping Up to the Plate”

The panel discusses food deserts and food insecurity, focusing on improving access to fresh produce in low-income areas.

This summer, I visited farmers markets and a mobile produce market in an effort to learn how low-income folks are using SNAP to access fresh produce. I met some wonderful families along the way who explained the daily struggle of putting healthy foods on their plates, based on where they live and financial constraints. These families live in food deserts,…

Proclamation Ale Opens New Brewery

The Warwick location is five times the size of its former brewery in West Kingston.

Proclamation Ale Company first opened its doors in West Kingston in 2013, but this week it reopens in a new location that’s five times larger than its former production space. The new 15,000-square-foot facility can be found in a warehouse off Kilvert Street in Warwick.