Ocean State Panhandlers

As officials squabble over the root cause of panhandling, local men and women sign-fly for cash on the streets.

Some panhandlers stand stock-still, staring into the distance. Darryl Brooks dances.

Rhode Island Needs More Housing

The state lacks affordable options for needy residents.

The odds weren’t Powerball-crazy and the prize wouldn’t make her rich, but V. Raffini was very lucky last August to be one of fifty — out of more than 1,000 people who applied — to snag an affordable rental at the Sankofa Apartments. “It was by the grace of God that I got on the list at the right time,”…

Being Republican in RI

How is the state's GOP faring after the national win?

The Saturday after Election Day, the South County Republican Breakfast convenes at the Wood River Inn and the mood is buoyant. Donald Trump had failed to capture the popular vote by two-and-a-half million ballots, but he won an Electoral College landslide. Even in this bluest of states, Trump earned 39 percent of the vote, winning fifteen inland towns. The syrup…