Stephanie Morales

The Weekly Weigh-In: Is the healing power of nature the real deal?

Plus, no more sickouts for Warwick school teachers, cookies for breakfast and a fall health and wellness fair.

It’s football season, which means Sundays are now wing-days. And with wings, you need dip. But forget the gloopy ranch, try this healthier (and tastier) alternative. Is the ‘healing power of nature’ hippie dippy nonsense, or should we all be frolicking in the woods? Cookies for breakfast? The cookie monster would totally go for it (and so would we). No…

The Weekly Weigh-In: Forget an apple a day; eat mushrooms

Plus, a French beauty secret that looks like water, the scoop on the impending bananas apocalypse and a spike in e-cigarette use in Rhode Island.

While the idea of a “healing mushroom” might raise eyebrows, these ‘shrooms are not of the trippy variety. A thirteenth-generation mushroom farmer gives the scoop on his top wellness fungi, i.e. mushrooms that promote skin renewal, are packed with antioxidants and energy boosting beta-glucans — all sans hallucinations. The snooze button is the one roadblock between you and your morning…

The Weekly Weigh-In: Does Meditation Really Work?

Plus, Boxed Lunch opens in East Greenwich, West Nile Virus is found in RI and more in this week in health and wellness.

The Weekly Weigh-In is a quick-hit roundup of pertinent, intriguing and just plain ol’ useful health and wellness news.  Are you the type to wake up and fall asleep checking your e-mail and social media? Do you wish you could slow down, clear your mind and be present? This man meditated twice a day for ninety days to see if…

Five Can’t-Miss Events: Sept. 28–Oct. 4

Eat the fruits of the harvest at Smith's Castle, chow down on burgers in East Bay and more fun things to do.

1. Harvest Fest From Smith’s Castle Facebook. Enjoy the bounty of the autumn harvest with Smith’s Castle — and don’t forget to take a bite (or two) of some delicious homemade apple crisp! There will be watermelon rolling, apple eating, games, activities and a mobile food truck from Haven Brothers. When you are stuffed to the brim, kick back and listen…

Catch a Last-minute Show This Week

Four Legs to Stand On and The Hotel Plays are two interactive theater performances.

The fall tour of Four Legs to Stand On, a play following one family’s struggle with a child’s opioid addiction, is opening Thursday, September 14. Meanwhile, the Spectrum Theater Ensemble, in association with Trinity Repertory Company, is set to perform the production, the Hotel Plays, this weekend as well.