Sarah Francis

Congrats to Our Common Good Awards Winners in 2018

We salute businesses that inspire philanthropy in their employees in partnership with the Rhode Island Foundation.

This year’s recipients are Rondeau’s Kickboxing (micro category); Brokers’ Service Marketing Group (small category); Coastway Community Bank (medium category), and Hasbro (large category). CVS received an honorable mention in the large category.

Valentine's Day Desserts

The executive pastry chef of Gracie's shares recipes starring our favorite ingredient: chocolate.

You could, of course, bestow your sweetie with a box of candy or a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, but why not whip up something personal, something you both (ahem) can enjoy. We asked Melissa Denmark, executive pastry chef at Gracie’s in Providence, to share her dessert recipes using chocolate, her favorite ingredient (and ours too, for that matter). “I…

The Rhode Island Red Awards

Our roundup of the dumbest moments of 2015.

Some years it’s hard to decide who’s most deserving of our awards dedication, but not this time. This year our recipient, Kevin Lewis of Chepachet, explodes out of obscurity to claim the prize. Mr. Lewis, you may recall, was pulled over during a traffic stop by a Glocester patrol officer who detected a strong smell of acetone coming from his…

Mind the Gap

When it comes to hockey players and their missing pearly whites, Providence Bruins’ dentist, David Mastrostefano, knows the drill. We asked him to fill us in.

Google “hockey players and teeth,” you get 611,000 results, and has a photo blog, “Hockey’s All-Time Best Toothless Smiles.” What’s their biggest risk? Usually at practice, the hockey stick when it’s moving fast, like a razor blade and cuts teeth off. I do a lot of bonding and splinting. A tooth may be lost, but I can wire it…

2014 Rhode Island Red Awards

The Dumbest Moments in 2014.

Here at Reds HQ, we’ve always admired Rhode Islanders’ entrepreneurial spirit, that ability to sniff out opportunity, no matter how impromptu, and turn it into a thriving commercial enterprise. Which is why we’re dedicating this year’s awards to our favorite siblings and enviro-conscious businessmen of the year, Cranston’s Andrew and Bruce Jeremiah. The seventy-something Jeremiahs, you may recall, pleaded guilty…