Kaylee Pugliese

The Weekly Weigh-In: Kiwi Troubles

Plus, Emergen-C might not be the cure-all you thought it was, pistachios are deemed a superfood, a wellness walk at Hope Artist Village and more in health and wellness.

There have been cases of students having bad reactions to kiwis across Rhode Island. How can such a tasty fruit cause sudden harm? Rhode Island officials say that a peracetic acid cleaning solution is triggering these reactions. Symptoms include itching of the mouth, tongue swelling, and hives. So, for now, maybe switch to cantaloupe or pineapple. When you start to…

Five Can’t-Miss Events: Feb. 15–21

Celebrate winter in Newport, watch innovative children's films, listen to swing in the historic Lippitt House and more fun things to do.

1. Newport Winter Festival From Newport Winter Festival Facebook page Chill out with all of the fun that the thirtieth annual Newport Winter Festival has to offer. Known as New England’s largest winter extravaganza, the festival will feature more than 150 events including a chili cook-off, live music, food, and activities for all ages. Attendees can enjoy ice sculpting demonstrations…