Jamie Coelho

16 Great Playgrounds in Rhode Island

Create your own park tour and hit up several of these sweet spots for kids in one day.

My kids and I are into discovering new playgrounds. We’ve hit up different towns surrounding where we live and traveled far to test out slides, sandboxes and merry-go-rounds. Here’s a round-up for families looking to spend an hour or two having fun at public playgrounds, plus nearby places where you can grab a kid-friendly lunch. Is a playground you love not mentioned? Please add it in the comments!

Final Two Oyster Farms Face Off in Oyster Madness

You can help determine the winner for the Championshuck tournament on Tues. and Wed., April 3 and 4 at Bristol Oyster Bar.

As the Final Four NCAA Tournament plays out this weekend, Oyster Madness has also been taking place in the Ocean State. Throughout the month of March, Bristol Oyster Bar has been pitting Rhode Island’s best oyster farms against each other in a briny (but friendly) competition.