Casey Nilsson

See Something Distressing and Do Something About It

The State Theater of Rhode Island marries tough themes with real-life philanthropy.

The world we live in can be harsh, unforgiving — unfair, even. It’s the name of the game and good, poignant art is supposed to reflect that. But so often, we skip the hard topics for the happy-go-lucky stuff because it’s amusing and, well, we can’t do anything about the world’s problems on date night. Now, we can. Trinity Repertory…

Ask the Doctor: Skin Cancer

The state’s top dermatologist, Lynn Iler, shares some misconceptions about the most common cancer in the United States.

Myth: Skin cancer only occurs in areas exposed to the sun. Iler says: “I see three to eight melanoma patients a day. Most are sun-damaged in sun-exposed areas, but some have moles that appear on the bottom of their feet or their scalps. Our skin has melanocytes, which come from pigmented cells in the skin; we have them everywhere…. Any…

Healthy Pampering

Safe, local products and services for people with health-challenged skin.

Farmaesthetics 144 Bellevue Ave., Newport, 619-4199, Brenda Brock’s all-natural apothecary line features sweetly packaged products for sensitive skin, including a nourishing lavender milk cleanser, a herbal hydration complex mask and the cool aloe mist, which soothes skin that’s inflamed from radiation treatment and hot flashes. The whole line is available at Brock’s flagship Newport store as well as several…

Celebrating Conimicut at Quintessential Quahog

We're swelling with Warwick pride after visiting this sweet bay-side shop.

First comes the tourist shop, then come the tourists. Stephanie Van Patten has made it her mission to share the wonders of her bay-side Warwick hometown, Conimicut, with the rest of the state. Last spring, Van Patten opened Quintessential Quahog on the filled-with-potential yet often overlooked West Shore Road in Warwick. Conimicut Village is dotted with a couple of solid…

It's BikeFest Time

Calling all bike dorks, fearless urban roadsters and wobbling newbies: BikeFest is this Saturday!

Before you know it, you'll be craving the sweet, sweet breeze only found on a bicycle ride. And the rusty clunker in your garage — you know, the one stacked behind your kid/S.O./roommate's equally rusty clunker? It just won't do. That's where BikeFest comes in. This Saturday, May 17, Recycle-A-Bike is hosting its annual BikeFest, a family-friendly event that features…

Family Time

The Women’s Fund of Rhode Island was instrumental in pushing forward Rhode Island’s paid family leave policy, enacted in January. The policy offers job-protected time off for new parents as well as foster parents and people caring for ill family members.

When did the Women’s Fund start working on the paid family leave initiative? The Women’s Policy Institute, which is supported by the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, determined that paid family leave would be the focal point of 2011. In 2013, we launched the We Care RI Coalition to help advocate for paid family leave through temporary caregiver insurance (TCI)….

A Clean Release

A popup recovery community center inside the women’s ACI teaches inmates how to stay sober on the outside.

Tarah Dorsey gets her strength from her sisters. A powerhouse of a woman with constellations of tattoos stretched across honey brown arms, Dorsey has the presence of someone who’s been there. So when she tells you you’re worth it, you’d better believe her. “I remember this one girl, I looked at her and I could tell she was an addict,”…

Community Health

Students from Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School launched the state’s first clinic for asylum seekers.

Left to right: William, Josh, Andy, Caitlyn, Rebecca. Andy Hoang was seven years old when he began his remarkable climb from asylum seeker to asylum clinic co-founder. “My father was a captain in the South Vietnamese army,” twenty-seven-year-old Hoang, a first-year medical student at Brown’s Warren Alpert Medical School, explains. “When Vietnam fell, he was imprisoned for five or six…

Bad Manners Cancer

A local artist branded her cancer and started living.

Kim Turner Clark huddles over a desk in the corner of her warm Hope Artiste Village studio, toying with a new creation. Her wispy gray hair, unceremoniously pulled away from her face, catches the late-winter light emptying in from massive windows above. Clark, age fifty, is the industrious woman behind the accessories line LuckyBird Studios, the biannual craft fair Craftopia…

A New Calendar Collaboration

We're teaming up with the City of Providence Department of Art, Culture + Tourism on a brand-new interactive online calendar.

Here at Rhode Island Monthly, we strive to showcase the best events around the state and on all platforms: in our print magazine, our e-newsletters and on our website. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the City of Providence’s Department of Art, Culture + Tourism to create ArtsNowRI, an enhanced statewide arts marketing platform. This includes a new, interactive online…