Casey Nilsson

StyleWeek Season 13: Ready-to-Wear Shines on Friday Night Runway

Gypsetgirl, Born Again Vintage, Amy Paige Deblasio and Devinto debuted new collections.

The designers from Friday night’s StyleWeek Northeast show are making it too easy for us to shop local. The four fashion houses debuted mostly ready-to-wear styles that could jaunt from the runway to the resort, the streets or the bedroom. Here are our favorite pieces from the night. Gypsetgirl Designer Melissa Hillas presented a line of flowing dresses and chic…

Tour the New Air Force One Replica for Free

Remember that massive 747 at Quonset? It's now a touring tribute to the presidential aircraft.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars in storage fees and years of renovations, the new Air Force One replica is ready for tours at the Quonset State Airport. Wait — what. It’s true: Since June of 2015, the New York-based Children’s Democracy Project has been quietly transforming a full-size Boeing 747 — well, “quietly” is a relative term; it’s hard…