Clean Slate

When Dean Esserman became chief of the Providence police, he inherited a corrupt department and a soaring crime rate. But this new-style cop who never walked the beat has cleaned up both.

An Educated Choice

Rhode Island charter schools offer options and innovation in a beleaguered education system. But are they money well-spent?

Type A+

They share a common superlative—“most likely to succeed”—but these high achievers come from very different backgrounds.

How to get into Harvard

It’s Ivy League or bust for many high schoolers, but is the name-brand degree worth all the hype — and angst? PLUS tips on getting into the college of your dreams.

Diving with Demons

A Rhode Islander returns to confront the wreck he couldn’t face before.

Connecticut Chic

Cruise the refined shops nestled in the heart of Stonington village for a diverse and delightful cache of treasures.

Clip Job

The state budget’s in shambles and seems doomed to remain so. Here are ten ways to fix it.

Knitting for Annabelle

When Ann Hood’s friends knitted dozens of pink sweaters for an orphanage in China, they also helped mend an empty place in her heart.

Pride Street

Westerly’s North End was a working class neighborhood in a downward spiral of seedy bars and drug dealers, until the residents fought to take back their streets.

Sweet Success

Roba!Dolce has won loyal followers one lick at a time. Now they’re dreaming big — and hoping to become the Ben and Jerry’s of the gelato world.

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