All a Twitter

Thanks to Twitter, I’ve become a celebrity stalker, celebs who actually do their own tweets, that is, not people like Britney Spears who have ghost twitterers, because they’re so busy, apparently. It seems like there are hundreds of celebrity Twitterers, but my latest guilty pleasure is following Bonnie Fuller, evil genius of magazine publishing, former editor of Cosmo, Glamour, US Weekly, etc. (In the interests of full disclosure, I wrote one story for Bonnie when she was at Cosmo. It was scary fun.)

Here’s Bonnie twittering about reading the paper: “Madonna redefines cougarlicious. Check P 14 NY Post in school girl costume + black wig, dressed for Purim. Looks 18. She’s found genius” about 4 hours ago from txt  

And here’s Bonnie twittering advice for our Secretary of State: “Hillary’s hair needs help + that’s of national importance. So Bill, donate your speaking fees to your wife for personal travellg stylist.” about 23 hours ago from txt

I’ve also been checking in with David Gregory of “Meet the Press.” Here’s David looking for a lunch date: “I’m steps from the White House and wonder whether anyone from team Obama wants to have lunch? Guess short notice is hard.” 9:32 AM  from TwitterBerry

And here he is, getting ready for his close-up: “The view from my liveshot location – wash buro” from 9:09 AM from

But here’s my beef. Notice his tweets. Twitterberry? Do we need to know this? And he’s not the only one. Do we need to hear super cool people brag that their emails are “Sent from my iPhone,” or “Sent from my Blackberry”? Has cyberspace become the equivalent of showing off your new Coach bag? At least Bonnie slums along, texting like the rest of us.

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