How to climb a tree

It’s not easy being green.

TreeWhen Roger Williams Park hosted the International Tree Climbing Championship last July, we learned three things.

1) Professional field arborists (as most of the event’s competitors are) are masters at reading trees, assessing everything from applied physics and rigging angles to tree movement and safety hazards before they climb.

2)  Competitions take place all over the world, testing arborists in areas such as speed, pruning techniques and rescues.

3) Their work may be a long way from scurrying up backyard trees as kids, but it’s still fun. New Zealand champion Scott Forrest (pictured), who placed third in last summer’s event, is partial to New Zealand Christmas trees, English oaks and river red gums. “They generally have a wider canopy, which means you have some great long-branch walks.” This all goes to say: The next time you’re in Roger Williams Park, remember that the spreading white oak before you is the stuff of champions.

This year’s championship takes place in Chicago. Find out more at —NICOLE MARANHAS

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